Robert Krainhöfner

About me

Starting point for my works, which are largely constructive-concrete Art are basic geometric elements like line, Ribbon, square, circle or cone.

These are subjected to more or less intensive changes through processes such as folding or twisting, which have previously been tested with paper. converted into three-dimensionality.

These metamorphoses open up unexpected views of the initial form. New constellations of the parts to each other, changes in the distribution of forces and the distribution of volumes, light and shadow guides create exciting effects and relationships of objects in space.

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Liebe Freunde der Kunst, ich lade Euch ganz herzlich am 24.August 2018 um 19.00 Uhr zu meiner Ausstellungseröffnung, gemeinsam mit Monika Falke, in die Galerie Trinkkuranlage im Kunstverein Bad Nauheim ein. Die Laudatio hält Prof.Johannes-Peter Hölzinger. Bei ihm habe ich von 1999-2001 "Kunst im öffentlichen Raum" in Nürnberg studiert.